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World Humanitarian Drive is organizing its First Edition of Royal British Awards at House of Lords, British Parliament. Nominations can be done throughout the Globe, in various sectors. Click the below link to Nominate the Best!


Peace and Harmony among all humans across the world regardless of race, religion or nationality living as one family.


Promoting humanity towards peace understanding and harmony. Create awareness of these factors among all people worldwide. Elimination of Hatred, Racism, Violence and Terrorism.


Care, Love, Kindness, Consideration and Understanding, Peace, Family Values, Knowledge, Best Performance and Success.

Our Strategy

How to grow world with Us

Promoting Peace, Harmony, Understanding and integration through Education, Arts, Sports, and Community Activities. Understanding the benefits and risks of social media.

Inspiring people to work closely with Institutions and governments to protect from tensions, mental health issues, violence, extremism, and radicalisation.

Avoiding racism and fundamentalism guiding them against negative social values like anger, egoism, and aggression. Maintain health, youth, wellness & fitness.

Promoting Young Talented people to work towards their ambition & fulfil their potential, promote among them Personality & Character development. Developing Role Models and Leaders among them.

Accreditations of works of excellence towards improving human life and human values.

Empowerment of people on Health and wellbeing. Caring and respecting women with Learning and Training. Avoidance of Domestic Violence and awareness of Negative Effects of FGM and understanding dangers and risk of communicable diseases, sexual harassment, child abuse and AIDS. Preventions of Forced Marriages, and Honour Killings

Promoting community harmony and tolerance, building bridges across all faiths, avoid isolation of individuals, groups, or communities, with understanding, and respect for each other and recognitions of excellent contributions, and dedication towards community enhancement.

Preventing humanitarian disasters, supporting and providing relief for those who are affected by disasters. Preventing Poverty and Famine and providing health and wellness.

Working in partnership and networking facilities to provide relief for those unfortunate human beings, in cooperation with other humanitarian organizations. Promoting Family Values.

World Humanitarian Drive

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Universal Peace Federation (UK)
International Diplomatic Club
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Trilateral Global Summit

World Humanitarian Drive is Organizing its first Edition of Trilateral Global Summit on 20th & 21st of June this Year with House of Lords, Stay tuned for Trilateral Global Summit!

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Royal British Awards

World Humanitarian Drive is Organizing Royal British Awards In Trilateral Global Summit, Nominations can be done throughout the GLobe, in various sectors. Click the below Link to Nominate the Best!

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