Dr. Srimathy Kesan


Vice President


Dr. Srimathyis the Founder & CEO of a leading Science and Technology incubator Space Kidz India. Launched in 2011, Space Kidz India has designed numerous programs aimed at producing the next generation of scientific thinkers in India.

An educational evangelist witha mission to disrupt the mundane culture in the Indian educational system, Dr. Srimathy through her programs, has opened the doors to an untapped avenue called “Space Education”. Dr. Srimathy is the mastermind behind several initiatives aimed at grooming future scientists for India. Her ultimate goal is to lay the foundation for a world renowned Spaceport for India.

SKI has designed a life changing path for 1500 kids from India and Nigeria to the pinnacle of Space education, NASA. Cosmonaut Shalizan Sharipov (Director of Yuri Gagarin Space Centre, Moscow) and Astronaut Marsha Ivins (NASA) were invited by SKI to India to meet with Indian students, apart from Retd. Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma –Hero of Soviet Union, Space traveler and only Indian Cosmonaut to share their experiences about living in space. SKI is the proud host of the esteemed annual contest called the “Young Scientist”, a unique avenue to promote innovations in the field of Science and Technology. SKI has recently collaborated with the “Young Scientist” alumni and undertaken some huge initiatives in the field of Science and Technology. “NSLV -KALAM 1”, one of a kind first “Near Space Vehicle” to be launched in India. Partnering with Moody Space Center, Australia to launch the first ever Indo-Australian Cube Satellite in 2017.

1st time in the World, Space KidzIndia team has invented a "World Smallest and Lightest Satellite", and fully 3D printed. It is a 3.8cm Cube Satellite (Femto Category) weighing 64gms (including the plastic cube provided by CiS). Being an Mission Director of Kalam Sat, Dr.Srimathy Kesan plays an inevitable role in designing the KALAM SAT. It is recognized in Asia Book of Records, URF Book of Records, India Book of Records, Assist Book of Record and Congratulatory messages, Recognition from Space Agencies, School, College, Universities and Political parties all over the Globe.

Research team of Space Kidz India –MarryatSharook –Lead Scientist –B.sc Physics in New College, Mr.Yagna Sai –Lead Technician –B.Tech Aerospace Hindusthan University, Mr.Vinay Bharadwaj –Design Engineer-Aerospace Eng Jain University, Mr.Tanishq Dwivedi –Flight Engineer -B.Tech Aerospace Hindusthan University, Mr.Gobinath –Biologist –B.Sc Physics completed, Mr.Mohammed Abdul Kashif –Lead Engineer -B.Tech Aerospace Hindusthan University were handpicked, mentored and created platform for creating a new dimension in the Space arena for India

1st time in the world, Dr Srimathy Kesan and her team has signed the Joint Friendship Satellite with Moscow Aviation Institute which marks the 70th anniversary of Indian Russian diplomatic relationship. Dr Srimathy Kesan and her team at Space KidzIndia for their recent announcement and joint collaboration with SYNERGY MOON, a team competing in the Google Lunar Xprize to land Kalamsat L^2 on MOON!! Dr Srimathy Kesan and her team successfully launched a Near Space Launch Vehicle (NSLV) from Polytechnic College Bikaner (Rajasthan) on July 26th, 2018 at 3:26 PM. The Launch Vehicle, a 1200 gram balloon filled with helium was fixed with a payload and a parachute. The balloon reached a height of 1,22,000 ft into the sky. The payload was later retrieved.

Dr Srimathy Kesan and her team successfully launched a Near Space Launch Vehicle (NSLV) from Polytechnic College Bikaner (Rajasthan) on July 25th, 2018 at 2:38 PM. The Launch Vehicle, a 1200 gram balloon filled with helium was fixed with a payload and aparachute. The payload carried a thermal printer which printed the autobiography of former president Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and the honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mrs. Vasundhra Raje. The payload was later retrieved. This was a team effort by the Government of Rajasthan and the Space Kidz India team. Apart from Space education, SKI is also devoted to promoting education through culture. Dr. Srimathy believes the young mind could be molded in several different ways and art plays a major role in synthesis. SKI created history during the 2011 Olympics by becoming the first cultural unit selected from a prestigious list of 22,000 artists to perform at the London Olympics. SKI has hosted numerous cultural events in India, Canada and USA

Dr.Srimathy isalso an avid social activist, her education through social awareness theme educates the future generation of India on several social issues that plague the society. This is aimed at strengthening the building blocks of India. SKI produced a short film on "Breast Cancer", to propagate awareness among all walks of people, a music video produced by SKI on "Female Foeticide", was critically acclaimed. Dr. Srimathy has undertaken several AIDS related awareness programs and fundraisers. Dr. Srimathy visits several corporate houses and colleges to promote the awareness of breast cancer and urges folks to take the preliminary test every year.

Dr. Srimathy is a pillar of support to several juvenile homes in the city of Chennai. Her vision is to constantly work with the children in these homes are get them to a better state in life. She conducts aeromodeling and computer workshops for the kids and helps them with supplies, medicines and infrastructure needs. Through constant counseling and motivational speeches, she works on their mental conditioning as well and strives for a better self-esteem in her audience. Her passion for education has recently enabled her to adopt a school in Chennai that is in dire need of help. Dr. Srimathy and her team strive hard to make sure proper sanitary conditions are met; she collaborates with various NGO’s from around the world to procure day to day needs for the school. Dr.Srimathy’s vehicle SKI since its inception has touched millions of young minds and will continue to impact the future generation in a positive manner. SKI has been appreciated and featured on local and national media numerous times, articles about CEO Dr.Srimathy’s accomplishments with Kid’s published by major newspapers and magazines in India. Euro Space Center, Russian Space Center and NASA recognizing the importance of Dr.Srimathy’s contributions and honoring her with an ambassador status.

Dr. Srimathy Kesan has been bestowed with Multifarious awards, frequently nominating her as a "Pioneer" in the field on"Space Education" and awarding her with the “Pride of India”. She has also won other awards under the "Social entrepreneur" and "Woman Achiever" banner. She moves around the Country on a consistent basis delivering motivational speeches to students in schools and colleges. Dr.Srimathy Kesanhas been invited to deliver a Speech for the “World Woman Federation” at Clinton Presidential Centre, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA on the September 30, 2017.A management student in Travel and Tourism, Dr. Srimathy Kesan was awarded a Hon. Phd in the subject "Education thro Travel" by Cosmopolitan University, United States. She also had received a special commendation from the United States Economic department from Washington DC for designing this unique Scientific educational experience for Indian Children in the United States.

She is been appointed by His Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu as the Planning Board member of Mother Teresa University, Kodaikanal, the only Women University of Tamil Nadu. In the span of last 5years of starting SKI, she had the opportunity to meet and interact with more than half a million children across the Country in various schools, colleges and Universities. Also, delivered a lecture for more than 500 Women Scientists at ISRO, and few Corporate houses like Bank of America, Caterpillar, MARS SUMMIT 2017 and CMACGS apart from being invited to Malaysia as the Chief Guest for inaugurating the Asian Fencing Championship. Interviews in National and vernacular television channels and radio channels have been a routine affair.The Ministry of Trade and Industry, Russian Federation bas extended a mutual relationship with the organization Space Kidz India, to promote the Scientific talents of Indian children at Russia.

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