Abdul Basit Syed


Founder & Chairman

Abdul Basit Syed, is a Global Peace Activist, Writer and Entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Chairman of an International NGO “World Humanitarian Drive”. He has been accredited with a number of Peace, Education, and Trade Harmony initiatives globally for which he was honoured as “International Ambassador” of Croydon, U.K. and “Ambassador for Peace” by Universal Peace Federation U.K.

He was born in Tamil Nadu, India and migrated to the U.K. as teenaged.He has been a well-known social activist around the world involving in numerous activities with leading organisations occupying senior positions to promote peace, education and trade harmony in the U.K. and the world for more than 15 years. He was inspired by his grandfather PKS Kattuwa Mohaiyadeen an Indian Freedom Fighter, a leader known for his social activities and community services in the development of that region and was associated with K.Kamaraj former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.



  • International Ambassador of Croydon, UK
  • Founder & Chairman - World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)
  • Board of Director - Universal Peace Federation (UPF), UK
  • Vice President - International Diplomatic Club (Amicability)
  • Vice President - Space Kidz India
  • Steering Committee - Faiths Together in Croydon
  • Board Member - Croydon Council Charity Board
  • Advisory Board Member- ARCC
  • Author of the book "Re-Engineering Happiness"


    He launched his 1st edition book “Re-engineering Happiness” through his many years of experience assessing the social consequences of behaviour with a rare view of principles of human life & nature combined with morality written in the simplest form. The book is filled with thoughts, arts and poems trying to promote the beauty of life and happiness from understanding moral judgments people make, by covering contemporary issues from global warming to corruption due to immorality of mind which are extremely interesting to read. He believes that his book will serve as an ideal introduction for his initiative “World Moral Day”.

    Awards and Honours


  • "International Ambassador" of Croydon Mayor Appointed
  • "Mahatma Gandhi Award" NRI Welfare Society
  • "Knight of Malta” by The Sovereign Order of OSJ Malta
  • "Ambassador for Peace" Awarded by Universal Peace Federation
  • "Award of Excellence" United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and Saudi Government.
  • "Peace Award BRICS" International Alliance.