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❤️Joined to Break the Stigma on Dementia ❤️

The Founder of “World Humanitarian Drive" appealed people to join the “Dementia Friends” initiative event that was held on 3rd April Wednesday 2019, 6Pm to 8Pm at Room F4, Croydon Town Hall, Katherine Street, Croydon CR0 1NX, People learned more about dementia and the small ways they can help from telling friends about Dementia Friends to visiting someone that we know living with dementia, as every action counts.

Dementia is a condition which takes a person memories, it takes their ability to communicate, perform daily tasks, takes their freedom of choice. Its is a progressive condition that can lead to memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem solving or communication. In 2017 there were an estimated 3,611 people aged 65+ living with dementia. It mainly affects those in this older age group, however the onset of the condition can begin much earlier. In UK, dementia impacts the health of approximately 850,000 people.

Remember when we see or know someone with dementia to “Listen with Ears of Tolerance, To See through Eyes of Compassion, and To Speak with the Language of Love.

World Humanitarian Drive's Past Event

11.11.2018 - Remembrance Sunday
Hundreds of people across Croydon, U.K., gathered in Town Centre, beside war monument in front of our Council, Government and Civic leaders, to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

In “World Humanitarian Drive” we value Peace, Education and Harmony as our highest objectives of life. Hence WHD organisation members with our youth team volunteers, joined hands to promote Integrity and Solidarity, by showing their support for our fallen heroes of First World War, by saluting those Soldiers who sacrificed their lives to promote peace in the world by carrying “Remembrance Message of Tribute and Praise” carrying sign boards and placards, across Croydon High Street, together with whole world we are proud in remembering our heroes who laid their lives for everyone of us.

we are pleased and honoured to be Representing Indo-British Migrant community who bravely fought along with our Armed Forces at First world War and lost their precious lives. It is estimated almost 2 million Common Wealth soldiers lost their lives in the First World War 100 years ago.

Croydon’s Mayor, Community & Civic Leaders and public, paid their reverence to those noble individuals who laid their lives in First World War for peace.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. “

If there is Love, There is Hope

WHD wants peace so bad, and decided to show it through a outreach campaign. Everyone in this world wants peace and harmony, The fundamental aspect of human nature is to have happiness and prosperity prevailing everywhere.

“WHD” as an organisation strive to bring peace in lives of individuals by WHD members collective efforts we conducted giving hope to the community event last month to give hope and peace believing my persistence to the cause should ultimately win. I don’t want to let the actions of few violent men write the future of many people so I started the outreach campaign to promote peace, Let us all unite and build peaceful and prosperous nation we all have at heart where kindness and love prevail in the heart and mind of humanity.

Education Breeds Confidence.

Confidence Breeds Hope.

Hope Breeds Peace.

Presenting award of Excellence

WHD is Proud and Honoured to Present “Award of Excellence” to Rev’d. Jacob Devadason on his day of farewell from Christ Church Croydon to Cheshire St.Catherine Church.

This Award was presented to Rev’d Jacob by WHD Chairman AbdulBasit Syed for his Interfaith Collaboration within communities.

WHD recognises his sincere acts of promoting Peace and Youth Education in Croydon, London. WHD wishes him all success in all his future roles to promote peace and harmony in the world.

The youth is the hope of our Future

WHD always believed educating and supporting our youth is the best way to invest in a prosperous future for our world, as today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow as Fulfilling youths potential is the key to our nations happiness.

At WHD we support youth to succeed with capability, personal integrity and positive energy with a vision of influencing other youths around them. Today’s youth experience significant challenges around them WHD Goal is to help them, inspire and develop disadvantaged young people across UK to broaden their horizons and capture opportunities well beyond their aspirations. WHD aims to building leadership skills and motivate youth to fulfil their true career potential, consequently maximising their contributions to the British economy, society and communities.

Today WHD’s partnership charity UPF organised one such event in the UK Parliament, House of Commons Westminster, I Nominated Noor Al Rayes for the Youth Achievement Award, for her positive contributions to Cyber Security and her hard work to make the internet a safer place for us to communicate and interact. Our Chairman was delighted and pleased to encourage youths like her receiving YAA Awards along with similar young talents from places around UK. The award was presented by Rt.Hon.Tom Brake MP.

“We cannot always build the future for our Youth, But we can build our youth for the future.”

WHD Lifetime Achievement Award (posthumous)

WHD will be presented WHD Lifetime Achievement Award To Manavai Mustafa for his positive contributions to Scientific Tamil.. his son Semmal Manavai Mustafa will receive this Award on behalf of his family at WHD’s Giving Hope to the community Event held in Haselmere Hall, 2 a Haselmere Rd, Thornton Heath CR7 7BE at 7Pm.

Manavai Mustafa, Born in 1937 at Dindigul TN India in an agricultural family, Mustafa was genetically oriented towards Tamil Study and Literature. The names Thenmozhi, Annal and Chemmal given to his children is a sample for his love to Tamil Study. He is the glossarist of Technical Tamil, the repository of knowledge, a man of sterling character. Only Tamil became an obsession for him.

He was the editor of the Unesco Courier Tamil Edition for more than 35 years, the longest service ever an individual held. He was the senior most editor of such a 30 language edition circulated world over. Due to his strenuous efforts, the circulation of this magazine could reach a landmark achievement of half a million subscribers bringing it to the 4th place. Had he not been there , it is certain that it could not have got to that much. In recognition of his outstanding contribution for the development of it, the governing body of Uneseo Courier felicitated him, the only person rewarded in its history.

He is the “Karpaga Vriksha” in Technical Tamil Literature. He is the soucse of inspiration for the general youth and Tamil aspirants in particular and torchbearer of people and community amity. It is hard to fathom how he could coin with more than 5 lakh technical terms in Tamil in his venture. Where else in the Tamil field can we find a person of having this much of achievement. Manavai Musthafa, a very famous tamil muslim writer and he sacrifies his fulltime service for the last 40 years for the improvement of Scientific Tamil. He is the author of several books related classical Tamil, Technology, Medicine and computer Tamil. He published 8 dictionaris related scientific Tamil and also found " Scientific Tamil Trust ".

In 31st March 2010, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Kaliangar M.Karunanithi nationalised Dr. Manavai Musthafa's all publications and give Rs.10 Lakhs for compensation. The highlight contribute of Dr. Manvai musthafa is " Encyclopedia Brittanica Tamil Edition " Has coined 1 Million Tamil technical words in medicine and engineering All his works has been declared as a national property by the government of India

Author of almost 100 books

Died at age 82 on 06.06.2017

Father of Scientific Tamil

Founder of Scientific Tamil Foundation Trust

Has donated a part of his wealth for Tamil

Has always been secular in life

Has extensively travelled across the globe . Worked for Unesco from being based in Chennai for more than 35 years

Has been honoured by Unesco. His life has been archived by the government of India

World Humanitarian Drive's Past Event

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News recognizing WHD's efforts in promoting integration and remebering our fallen

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