Trilateral Global Summit 2019

Capitalizing Global Opportunities

Commemorating Queen’s 67th Year Conferences

& Regal British Awards

19th & 20th June 2019 London, United Kingdom

We are delighted to inform you that the first edition of the Trilateral Global Summit 2019 is scheduled on the 19th & 20th of June 2019 in London, U.K. organized by the “World Humanitarian Drive.”

The Trilateral Global Summit 2019 is a “Platform of different country Diplomats, Corporate Heads, Policy makers, Investors and Influencers from different fields to demonstrate their ideas to strengthen their global ties for investments and knowledge sharing with U.K at this difficult time of transition from European union. In this summit recognized individuals who have been nominated for “Regal British Awards” and other important awards and been selected by our honorable jury consisting of 12 members will be presented the awards at various venues including the prestigious House of Lords, British Parliament by the Rt. Hon. Baroness Sandip Verma and other imminent leaders for their significant achievements and contributions.

In recent times it has become crucial for each of the country to acknowledge and maintain amicability across the borders to have a continuous professional approach to have a vital relationship between the countries. This summit aims to capitalize on the global opportunities, which would obviously catalyze the process of finding new business partnerships. It is significant for the bilateral relationships between countries as networking is a major key to build on a collaborative culture. The attendees & the awardees are from across the globe spread around 7 continents.

The conversion rate of information to knowledge is being the key to set sustained success & competitive advantage that often occurs through recognition with a vast exposure on a global forum in the business communities from various sectors that is converged in the conferences & award ceremonies that is to happen in this summit with many pioneers sharing their insightful journeys.

The Summit focuses on enabling competitors to connect with their stakeholders & opening a common forum to have surplus discussions among the leaders this summit encompasses from creating new ideologies, disseminating and capitalizing them to identify and recognizing talents with suitable awards in relevant fields on an international scale.

What’s in the Trilateral Global Summit 2019?

CEO’s Perspective on What Achievement means to your Organization?

How to Structure Competition in yielding a Better Performance?

How to Build a Network while considering Competitive Stakeholders?

How Does an Organization Implement it’s Strategies through rewards?

Importance of Collaborating with People and Building a Business Exchange Integrative Culture

Bench-marking Imperatives for Future Nominations

Awarding Ceremonies to honor & recognize the deserving on their relevant contributions and many more

Who Will Be There?

Industry Leaders, Functional Heads, CEO’s, Domain Experts, Consulates, Heads of States, Ministers from different continents and Strategic Professionals from across the World to discuss and emphasize on various aspects of Setting Standards for Achievements in their specific domains of Management for Education, Enterprise and Government.

Why Should You Be There?

To witness the Networking Business Panels By Several Distinguished Speakers, Business Leaders and thinkers from across the world

To meet the Decision Makers From Various Countries For Effective Business Development

To pay respect and commemorate the British Queen’s 67th Year of Reign

To be a part of the Global Arena with Various Conference Forums & Keynote Sessions With the above as a brief upon the event, I am writing to invite you and your colleagues to join me at the Trilateral Global Summit 2019 and looking forward to your support and positive response. You may mail to [email protected] to know about the registration process. Also, there are opportunities to sponsor the Summit and explore the branding options. Interested companies may write to [email protected] or call +44 7946328097, for further details, Visit

Regal British Awards! Comming Soon...

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