WHD Team Members

About WHD Founder:

Abdul Basit is a British Entrepreneur and Social Activist, who is the chairman board of Director of Platinum Consultant for trading and developments, which also manages Al basit real estate property Development Company. Born in southern state of Tamilnadu, India. He migrated to UK 15 years ago.

He comes from a family of national hero from South India. His grandfather PKS Kattuwa Mohaiyadeen an Indian Freedom Fighter, and a leader in the region claiming lot of respect, and was famous for his social activities and community services. His grandfather actively participated, and was committed and involved in the development of that region, in facilities such as education and health. He was therefore invited to actively participate in the regional political forums. He was also closely associated with Hon.K.Kamaraj former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Hon. P Kakkan former Home Minister of the state of Tamilnadu. Abdul Basit from his early academic days has been actively involved in the development and promotion of the ancient classical language, Tamil. He, recently together with other well known Tamil language enthusiast around the world, formed a major world council, and named the Trust “Tamil Peravai” for promoting Tamil language, and works to protect the rights of the minority people in India.

Since his arrival in the UK, He has also has been promoting Interfaith dialogues to bring about Integration of all communities living in the UK to express themselves as British citizens regardless of their origin, culture, or religion. This action was mainly to establish a universal trend of equality of all human beings regardless of race or religion. Inspired by his grandfather Abdul Basit has been from his young age, involved in blood donation campaigns bringing peace and harmony to his fellow citizens. He began actively involving himself in community activities, when he first witnessed the unfortunate incident involving of a well-loved British soldier Lee Rigby. He initiated solutions for similar terrorism activities with the sole purpose of bringing peace and harmony among various sectors of the community promoting the prevention of similar activities in the future. He attended panel discussion of about 15 Senior Leaders from around the world, trying to find a solution for these humanitarian problems, conducted by United Nations office on Drugs and crime (UNDOC) in partnership with Saudi government and was awarded a ‘‘Certificate of Excellence’’ for his contributions. He also attended in an International leadership conference, held in Vienna on 28th – 29th April this year, Organised by UPF Austria and other nations supported by UN advocacy team. Representatives from over 110 countries including Ambassadors and Diplomats attended this conference.

He was chosen as an “Ambassador for Peace” by Universal Peace Federation, UK, for his sincere and selfless efforts in restoring peace in the World, and faith in humanity, and for his successful involvement in the promotion of Peace and Eradication of Radicalisation and Violence in the UK, and been conferred as the Honourable Radicalisation Advisor to UPF, UK. He was also well known for promoting Interfaith Integration within communities in UK. Most recently he went to Delhi for the BRICS Alliance Business Forum (BRICS the association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) where he received the Social Service Peace Award along with British politician Lord Diljit Singh Rana MBE member of the House of Lords, Presented by the Indian Prime Minister office Minister Honorable Dr Jitendra Singh.

His passionate involvement to establish peace among all humans as made him evolve a “World Humanitarian Drive” (WHD), which he currently has registered to be community organisation based in the UK, promoting various aspects and needs and support humanitarian distress and disasters throughout the world begin his own region of Croydon, UK. The main vision of this drive is to establish peace and harmony among all human beings living in this world. He is also working towards finding sustainable solutions for current humanitarian crisis involving Racism, Terrorism, Radicalization, and Violence and mass migration of people as refugees. He is working closely in collaboration with other organisations, which is actively involved in similar humanitarian activities

About WHD President:

Dr Haja Mohideen Mahroof MBBS FRCOG FRSM FICS.
Visiting Professor Weill Cornell Medical College New York NY.
Life Member Saudi Society of Obstetrician & Gynaecologists Senior Consultant Perinatologist.
The Nursing Directorate, and New Technology & Innovations Division of The Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia.
Affairs & Knowledge Management to The Saudi Centre for Organ Transplantation & GCC Collaboration
Member Executive Committee UAE GeneticsDiseases Association Dubai
Convenor MENA Group of Obstetricians & Gynaecolgists
Consultant Supervisor for Academic
Consultant for Academic & Training Collaboration for the Division, Consultant in Knowledge Management and Digital Enhancement in Health & Academics, Lifestyle Modulations, and Lifecare University Project of Hayati Lifecare International.
Director of Correspondence Courses
for Part1 & Part 2 MRCOG, Hayati Lifecare International.
I have been Supporting humanitarian activities for the last 35 years in several countries . Happy to guide and be a part of WHD.

About WHD Secretary General:

Sharon Pilling arrange sports events for Army Hockey which is great fun. I have had a varied career which has enabled me to interact with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. My faith is important to me so I regularly lead worship and preach at services in church. I have 3 grown up children whom I am very proud of. Being a part of WHD is a great honor for me. One that I will strive to do my best in to work alongside and support our communities in UK.

About WHD Treasurer:

Elango Jayaseelan have been here last 12 years. I am a graduate and  working in railways.  My strength is my family and I like to spend time with my children. I have a quote for myself  to help one person at a time and to support those in need. I believe in every opportunity there is something new to learn.

About WHD Audit Head:

Krishna Dahal FCCA is originally ACA from India in 2001, worked in Big 4 as Audit Manager for three years in abroad. He started his accountancy practice in UK in city based firms in London since 2006, hold more than 20 years of extensive general practice experience along with audit and assurance, business advisory, corporate tax services and advice to wide range of corporate clients and small businesses in various sectors. I am eagerly looking forward to assist WHD in serving the community.

About WHD Financial Advisor:

Anjana Chopra-been here 20 years and working for Barclays Bank for last 16 years. i am a very proud mum who’s son is her hero and gives her all the strength

About WHD Legal Advisor:

Krithika Prasanna happily quit her Corporate job to pursue Law. My part time engagement in mental health trusts brought me in close contact with vulnerable people. I thought that I must involve myself for the cause of the underprivileged. As an Immigration consultant, I feel extremely happy to help the weaker sections and those who are less fortunate. Being a part of WHD, to me, is a great opportunity to work for a humanitarian cause. I am sure the organisation would achieve its objectives when many good hearts work together.

About WHD Community Engagement Officer:

Jayanthi Chandrasekaran have achieved M.sc and M.Phil in India, worked as a Lecturer in Govt College, India. In UK, achieved Early Years Teacher Status currently working in Primary school as a Teaching staff. My passion is teaching, I believe that I play a consistent role in educating the next generation. Last 10 years I have been trained and working as a Paediatric First Aid and Designated Safeguarding Lead. I like new challenges and feel confident to step into social service.

About WHD Community Engagement Officer:

Kennedy Arthur emigrated to the UK when I was one and a half lived in the UK all my life. I draw my strengths from the various places I’ve lived in. I want a path of self improvement and wanting to be the best version of myself. I have aspirations to serve my country overthrew military service public service or through this organisation.

About WHD Fundraiser:

Nansi Shah is a qualified nurse with over 15 years experience. Over the past 4 years I have utilized my entrepreneurial and customer relationship management skills in operating a successful retail business. My aim is woman empowerment, gaining self respect and making India proud in UK.

About WHD Fundraiser:

Gauthami Saravanan am an M.Sc Psychology and MBA graduate from London School of Commerce. Worked as a Child Psychologist and Educational Counselor in a Specific Learning Disability School. After moving to the UK, working with the textile industry for over 8 years now. I am a member of UK NET – UK Women’s Network. Mother of a beautiful daughter and a lovable son, who are my inspiration to build myself stronger day by day.

About WHD Fundraiser:

Banu Abdulrahman was born in India, moved to UK 15 years back. I work as a child minder. I have 3 grownup children who are happily married and have children themselves. I live on my own hence looking forward to serve the community with all I can as a volunteer for peace.